Douglass’s Tower – Plymouth Print



Douglass’s Tower – Plymouth Print

Douglass’s Tower in Plymouth on Eddystone Rocks is the fourth and current tower. Lit in 1882. Built in between ebb and full tide (3 1/2 hours per day).

Part of my retrospective portfolio. This includes prints of paintings from my Watercolour Range. Before I switched  to Oils I used Watercolours for my Coastal and Dartmoor range. These prints are from my earlier days of painting waves and countryside scenes.

For those of you interested here’s a little bit about the Artist Craig Long.

As all kids do I loved to draw and paint. But after receiving an F in Art at school I didn’t believe there was any future in it. It was only later in life when I took up painting again as a hobby that my enthusiasm was rekindled. Though at the time I never believed I would become a full time Artist.
Through hard work, determination and the support of my wife and family that dream was realised and in 2006 we opened our first gallery in Torquay, Devon. After a successful 8 years we decided to move to the Lake District and open a second gallery. This for me has been a lifelong dream to live and paint in the Lakes. Although I still have strong personal and professional ties to Devon, my heart has always been in the mountains.

My style of painting is one which has developed over time and is still evolving with each new painting. I try to capture a sense of realism, of being there, without being a slave to photo realism. I think its also important to keep pushing the boundaries of what your comfortable with. Not to settle into a formula of what works therein lies the risk of all your work looking like its painted at the same time on the same day.


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