With beautiful and unique oil paintings starting from just £995, it is now really possible and easy to have your own masterpiece painted just for you by Artist Craig Long.

Our Original Commissions come in four different sizes and come double framed or can be left unframed if you wish to have them framed to a specific moulding or look by someone else.

After having a look at your photos and having an informal chat about the landscape that you want if Craig does not feel that he can paint your commission to the high standard that he demands, whether this being down to poor quality photos or just a lack of feel for the subject the Craig will always let you know. We will only accept your commission if Craig is 100% confident that he can do justice to the photo provided. But please keep in mind this is an artistic endeavor and as such needs to remain fluid, so the time to complete can not be guaranteed as the best work is never done within a tight deadline, though we understand clients are excited to see work progressing so we will keep you informed with frequent updates and photos of the work as we go along. The prices below are subject to change due to complexity of the painting but will be agreed upon before commencing your commission.

Our sizes are;

Medium Standard = 78 x 58cm (60 x 40cm unframed) = from £995.00

Large Standard = 108 x 78cm (90 x 60cm unframed) = from £1995.00

Medium Panoramic = 108 x 58cm (90 x 40cm unframed) = from £1600.00

Large Panoramic + 138 x 70cm (120 x 52cm unframed) = from £2200.00

Once a commission is agreed upon and the size and price established, a 25% non refundable deposit is required to begin work on your unique Masterpiece.

You can telephone us, 7 days a week on 01539 821658 or call the Gallery on 01539 444944 Tuesday through to Saturday 10.30-3pm